Empathy Cards

Brief: Take a social event or part of a culture, break it down to the parts that are important to people, and make a project that addresses the issue. Requirements: Choosing Brexit and political changes that directly affected families, we focused on how to create meaningful conversation and foster empathy between people that have different […]

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Augment Bionics

Brief: Design, make, market and sell a prosthetic arm focused on availability and sustainably. This product is unfinished and is still in the process of being made. Team Members: George Dzavaryan, Moritz Mueller , Shanay Skellern, Kathlyn Lee, Sheeva Kavousian, George Karabassis, Nico Stigliano, Ameer Saadat, Miron Zadora, James Yates, Adelina Badea, Alex Roy, Edon Aliko, Shreyansh […]

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Sboji Case

Brief: Redesign the sunglasses case for the company Sboji, with a focus on environmental friendliness, sleekness, and natural materials. Requirements: Easily made with the same processes as the other packaging: shaving of bamboo, bending and lacquering. Tools utilized: Sketching, Photoshop, CAD. Challenges: To focus on the brief and have the goal in mind while allowing […]

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