While studying at the University of Edinburgh, I worked and learned with the students around me. Sometimes independently of our teachers. While I did not stay with this company after school, it was wonderful to be a part of a student start-up focusing on the medical field.


Design, make, market and sell a prosthetic arm focused on availability and sustainably. This product is unfinished and is still in the process of being made.

Team Members:

George Dzavaryan, Moritz Mueller , Shanay Skellern, Kathlyn Lee, Sheeva Kavousian, George Karabassis, Nico Stigliano, Ameer Saadat, Miron Zadora, James Yates, Adelina Badea, Alex Roy, Edon Aliko, Shreyansh Tyagi, Isidoros Papachristou, Eda Ozkan, Jan Uhlir, Konstantinos Vlamis, and myself. All of us work together to try and develop the different sides of the product. Marketing, engineering, programming, designing, and business all play a part in the development of the product.

Tools utilized:

Researching, teambuilding, model making, logo design, CAD modeling (SolidWorks/Rhino/SketchUp), and team coordination.


Creating and running a student organization proved much more complicated than I would have guessed. 

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