Take a small electronic object, take it apart and investigate how it comes together. Redesign the object and make a CAD model of each part.

rose gold color of the headphones in a updated setting


I chose to investigate headphones in this project, being an object I was very familiar with and often wanted to redesign.  

Tools utilized:

Interviews, model making, CAD modeling, dismantling and repairing.


As the project focused on how the object came together and was held together, I tried many ways of bringing the object into its final form. Finding my final design was a long process of trying different forms and connections which was frustrating as the design was finalized in my mind, but the connections had not been flushed out. Finding the solutions to these problems made the product better.

Lessons learned:

I am traditionally a larger picture thinker and focusing on the smallest parts of an object forced me to see how important each part is. Learning about how the design of the smallest connection can influence the final allowed me to learn about the design process differently than I had before.

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