Take a social event or part of a culture, break it down to the parts that are important to people, and make a project that addresses the issue.


Choosing Brexit and political changes that directly affected families, we focused on how to create meaningful conversation and foster empathy between people that have different political views.

Team Members:

Hazel Barlow. Both of us were equal in the work put in but bringing her expertise in the culture of Scotland was incredibly helpful to the group. I was the main researcher as I didn’t know the subject as well and came at it from a different view.

Tools utilized:

Interviews, information probes, teambuilding, model making, researching


Trying to bridge opinions has been a challenge my whole life, this project delved deeper into the core of the issue. Trying to ask questions that both people had different opinions on but didn’t spiral into anger was the core of the challenge. The solutions were found in testing, phycology, and seeing what brought out the anger in each situation.

Lessons learned:

As this project started from a strange place, and each team took such radically different directions with it, we learned so much about how design has the potential to change people. From increasing the empathy of someone to how we might run our social media without it being a hindrance to our life. Having the opportunity to create something is a task that needs to be respected.